Extended Parking Lot Sweeping Needed During COVID-19 Pandemic

News media throughout the U.S. are reporting that an extreme amount of gloves, masks, packaging and other materials are being deposited onto the ground at grocery and other retail businesses – including hospitals, pharmacies and other medical facilities – that continue to operate. As a result, all businesses remaining open should work to safeguard the sanitary conditions of their facility exteriors by having their parking areas swept at least once per day for the duration of the pandemic crisis.

A mechanical power sweeper is ideal for removing and appropriately disposing of this type of hazardous material, in addition to the cigarette butts, food and product wrappers and other detritus typically discarded by patrons.

The natural inclination in a time of reduced revenue is to pull back on unnecessary expenses. However, in a time such as this power sweeping is more necessary than ever due to its ability to remove potentially contaminated debris in a timely manner. That is why power sweeping is considered an ‘essential service’ of the waste
management sector in states where all but essential service providers are prohibited from operation.

By having exterior paved areas professionally swept on a daily basis, retail operations are sending a loud and clear message to patrons that there is concern for their health and safety. The same message is also delivered to their employee team.

A program of daily power sweeping can be an integral part of the process for stopping the spread of the virus. However, to maximize its effectiveness the cleanup process needs to occur on a daily basis. For more information, please contact the WSA office via the information shown below.