5 Reasons To Have Your Parking Lot Cleaned

1. Discourages littering.

Regularly cleaned parking lots discourage littering. The appearance of litter gives others the opportunity to just hop on the bandwagon. It is less likely someone will want to be the first to throw their trash.

2. First impressions.

A clean parking lot makes a good first impression and attracts more customers. An unkempt lot may indicate that the business doesn’t value itself, or its patrons. Similarly, an attractive parking lot that is clean and free of garbage, oil slicks, and debris, tells customers that you take pride in your business, the environment, and the surrounding area.

3. Deters rodents.

A parking lot that is free of garbage deters rodents and other pests from gathering and establishing territory.

4. Save money on pavement repairs.

Debris will eventually break down the pavement of your parking lot, shortening its lifespan and allowing plants to begin growing in the cracks. The cost of having to re-pave your parking lot greatly exceeds the cost of routine sweeping.

5. Avoid lawsuits.

Public safety is one of the greatest reasons to keep your parking lot and roadways clean. Debris can cause injuries to your customers as well as damage cars and tires.

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