The Best of the Best

Sweep Masters is the preferred pavement maintenance company on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and Mobile, Alabama areas.

With a commitment to excellent service, we provide a variety of street and parking lot sweeping services for commercial, industrial, and municipal applications. 

When you work with Sweep Masters we want you to see a return on your investment. Scheduled maintenance of your property and facility prevents minor issues from becoming big problems, improves the appearance of your building, and keeps everything safer for your visitors, customers, and employees.

When you combine our power sweeping service with any or all of our supplementary services, you will immediately notice a difference in the appearance of your property, and will quickly notice a more attractive bottom line as you extend the life of your pavement.

Sweep Masters is the preferred and the most reliable sweeping service, since 1998.

Construction site sweeping

Our expansive fleet and dependable operators allow us to minimize your downtime and keep your site clean (including clean-up from milling and paving operations).

Parking lot striping

We apply bright, durable line striping for all facets of roadwork, airports, parking lots, parking garages, and others.

Parking lot sweeping

Regular sweeping service is a proven method to help prevent potholes, retain line striping, and extend the life of your pavement. 

Pressure washing

We provide retail, industrial, and commercial pressure washing to efficiently clean buildings, sidewalks, and pavement and extend the life of your investments.

Street sweeping

We provide safe street sweeping services to eliminate dangerous debris and harmful chemicals that can damage roadways and pollute the environment (available quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily).

Need help with easier maintenance solutions? We are experts!